The best beaches to visit in Santa Margherita di Pula

From the private beach at Hotel Flamingo Resort the beach proceeds free for some kilometres north and south, making up a coastline of over 9 Km.
The most beautiful beaches of Santa Margherita di Pula are in fact on the coast line between Santa Margherita di Pula and Chia, in an area bursting with resorts and residences by the sea.
Access to the beaches is gained through the numerous resorts or even on foot. You will discover beaches of unforgettable beauty, of white and silky soft sand, and characterized by fantastic pine woods at the back, which are the best place to spend the hottest hours of the day.
The beach in front of the hotel is called Cala Marina and has white and soft sand. Continuing north you arrive at the beaches of Cala d’Ostia, three different inlets of white sand up to the promontory where the Tower of Cala d’Ostia stands.
The beach of Is Morus Is a white sand beach to which you can arrive proceeding north.
A bit further on is Cala Verde, home to the beach of the same name. Beaches from there on are thin stripes of sand accessible through the residences by the sea, small villages made up of holiday apartments overlooking the sea.
The beach of Pinus Village or Cala Bernardini deserves a special mention: it is a stunningly beautiful inlet enclosed by pink granites from which departs a wonderful path that runs along an ancient Roman way which, between sea and mountain, leads to Torre di Chia, still with the original stones… A highly recommended walk.