Santa Margherita di Pula: what to do, the best beaches and the events in south western Sardinia

The coast and the beaches in Santa Margherita di Pula at roughly 35 Kilometers from Cagliari are one of the jewels of south western Sardinia, a coast made up of creeks and white sandy which from the littoral Pula a Chia offer a paradise made of dunes, sheltered inlets, perfect unpolluted beaches that extend over 9 kilometers of coast.
Santa Margherita di Pula is a town that has evolved around the church devoted to the Martyr Saint: an area characterized by a big pine forest.
The closes village is Pula, at 6 km., a small touristic village with little low houses that evolve around a main square which in summer is a bustling place. Perfect for shopping, the village comes alive during the summer with arts and crafts shops, small restaurants and typical trattorias and pizzerias (including the well known Da Eleonora).
Flamingo is connected with Pula by a public minibus, which stops right in front of the exit of the Flamingo. Frequency varies depending on the periods and times of day.
Pula is well worth a visit especially for the ruins of Nora, the ancient city founded by the Noritani (ancient Sardinian people) and subsequently colonized by the Phoenicians and later the Romans.
The Roman Theatre of Nora within the city -mostly submerged-is the principal surviving work that testifies to the importance of the city and south western Sardinia even in Roman times.
Among the ruins of the Roman period within the city of Nora, you can still visit: the Foro, Roman baths, the fish market, remains of mosaic floors inside houses and a Punic-Roman sanctuary.
In Pula you can visit the Museum Patroni, archaeological museum that keeps the finds from Nora.
Another must is a visit to the small church dedicated to the martyr Saint Efisio, erected in the 12th century in Romanesque style in honour of his martyrdom.


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