Cagliari and its beaches to visit by rubber dingy

Poetto beach, famous around the world for its beauty

Leaving from Hotel Flamingo Resort in Santa Margherita di Pula reaching by rubber dingy the Port of Cagliari following on for Promontorio di Sant’Elia where it is possible to stop at two of the most famous Cagliari beaches: the beaches of Poetto and La Plaia.

It will be lovely to stretch out on the uncontaminated Poetto beach and dive into the splendid crystal waters of this end of the land. Little way ahead, you will be astounded to see how many inlets, caves and sandy beaches are offered  by this angle of Paradise in the South of Sardinia. 
Finishing the beaches of Cagliari excursion, we will return by rubber dingy to the Hotel. Book your holiday in Sardinia with Hotel Flamingo Resort.