Grotte Is Zuddas in Sardegna

Leaving from the Hotel Flamingo Resort, in Santa Margherita di Pula it is possible to visit the Grotte di Is Zuddas and numerous archaeological sites in Southern Sardinia.
The history of Sardinia has a close bond with stone and rock sediments with which the Sardinian population have learnt to live with.

With the help of an off-road vehicle it is possible to leave Santa Margherita di Pula for Santadi.
This locality is very strong with the presence of rocks, cavities and ancient sanctuaries.
The most important cavity, explored today, is the famous Grotte Is Zuddas, ancient and very rich with history. In fact, inside there are fossils of a prehistoric rodent the “Prologus Sardus”; a sight not to miss.

Following inside the Grotte Is Zuddas it is possible to visit the lovely natural formations that have been splendidly formed by salt from which we remember the Sala dell’Organo.

But Grotte Is Zuddas is not the only unique cave that we will visit on our travels.
In the Villaperuccio territory it is possible to visit an antique necropolis called “Domus de Janas”.
The small cavity found excavated in the rock was used by the ancient Sardinians to bury their dead.
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From October to March tours at Midday and 4pm;
From April to September 9,30-12/14,30-18

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