All the events, what to do in Santa Margherita di Pula

Here are some of the events taking place in Pula and Santa Margherita di Pula.
Highlight given to the festival of Sant’Efisio il Martire (Saint Efisio, Martyr) who, according to the legend, was executed on the little beach opposite Nora, where the chapel built in his honor by the Vittorini monks stands. The image of the Saint is taken in procession from Cagliari to Pula, where he is solemnly celebrated on 2 May.
This is a unique occasion to admire traditional Sardinian costumes, which date back to Spanish rule time and which parade in the procession in all their beauty, along with the traits of the Sardinian people who wear them (youngsters, children, elders, boys on horseback, girls) who are part of folk groups from every village in Sardinia.
During July and August, the Town Hall organises the event Dimensione Pula. A stage built in the town’s central square hosts concerts, theatre shows, shows for children, jazz concerts and other events with international guests.
On the spectacular stage of the Roman Theatre Teatro Romano di Nora, right in front of the sea, takes place, since 1983, the festival “La Notte dei Poeti” (The Night of the Poets), a poetry and theatre festival which cleverly combines some of the best produce of the genre.