All the itineraries and excursions organized in Santa Margherita di Pula from the hotel

Flamingo Hotel and Resort organises outings, in cooperation with external companies who specialize in excursions. Here are some suggestions :

Cagliari and surroundings:
Setting off from the hotel and proceeding along the panoramic coastal path, we will arrive at the seafront “Poetto”, the beautiful white-sand beach of the city of Cagliari. Cagliari, or Karalis keeps important monuments and treasures to visit, such as the Castle, still encircled by the ancient walls and protected by the fortress, where the main monuments of the city are, among which, the towers Pisane, the Cathedral and some striking palaces of titled individuals. At the archaeological museum you will be able to admire the Stele (inscribed stone) found in Nora, which incisions still divide experts, and which dates back to the IX century B.C. Typical lunch in a trattoria in Marina, historic site in Cagliari, and back to the hotel.

Sardinian Regional Natural Park Gutturu Mannu
A few Km away from Santa Margherita di Pula opens up a mountain landscape which goes through the valley of “Gutturu Mannu”. A wide valley where nature reigns undiscussed. The valley is full of paths and country tracks which will take you first to Pantaleo forest and then to Punta Sebera at 979 metres, a place to admire the whole of the South Sardinian Coast.

Between Chia and Capo Teulada
The coast north of Pula is sprinkled with Spanish towers. Chia, Capo Malfatano, Piscinnì, Porto Botte are sighting spots, but also areas where the beaches display all their breathtaking beauty. An excursion on inflatable raft to Capo Teulada, the west most point in Sardinia.
Among the beaches we will touch there are: Cala Cipolla, Perdalonga, Tuerredda, Capo Malfatano, Piscinnì, Porto Tramatzu, Cala Zafferanu e l’Isola Rossa. If the weather and the state of the sea allow, the excursion will take you on the discovery of Porto Pino, an immense dune which, from the sea, looks like an unreachable dessert.
Carloforte, an island within an island
This excursion will take you exploring Carloforte within the island of San Pietro, the island within an island.
Originally inhabited by tabarchini, people of Genevian origin who lived in the island of Tabarka in Tunisia between 1500 and 1700 and who, 2 centuries later, obtained from King Carlo Emanuele III the consent to colonize the island of San Pietro, which at the time was uninhabited. A trip to taste cous cous, one of the African dishes the Tabarkian people imported.
Is Zuddas Caves
Excursion to the Caves of Is Zuddas, 500 metres itinerary to encounter the stunning caves of natural concretion. The Caves host fossils of a prehistoric rodent: the Prologus Sardus.
The second part of the excursion is dedicated to the sighting of the case delle fate, the ancient tombs of the pre-nuragic civilisation. The Domus de Janas in Montessu are a group of around 50 little caves built on different plans and set in a wide natural amphitheatre of incomparable beauty.
The itineraries are to be understood as examples and may be subject to change. The excursions will only be carried out weather permitting and if the minimum number of participants is reached.