South Sardinia: what to see and where to go

South Sardinia: best place and what to see in Pula

If you are planning your trip to Sardinia, let us offer you some tourist itineraries in South Sardinia with the the best places not to be missed, for a journey between culture and nature.
A few km from Cagliari, taking the SS 195, you get to Pula, a small tourist town rich in sea and history.

For a good start, within the tourist routes in South Sardinia, there is Nora, a must-see in the area of Pula. Ancient Phoenician-Punic city first and roman later, it has been one of the most important ports of the Mediterranean for centuries. Today we can still admire its ruins with the Roman Theatre, baths and temples, for a splash into the past.


We suggest a visit to the Archaeological Museum c, located right in the Centre of Pula, essential complement to the visit of the ancient city of Nora and where you’ll find all the artefacts related to everyday life, but also to worship and the homage of the dead, offering a glimpse of life over the centuries.

Near the ruins lies the ancient Church of Sant’Efisio dating back to the 11th century. This is the place where, according to tradition, was martyred Sant’Efisio, Sardinia’s Patron Saint, to whose honour is dedicated the great Island Festival which takes place every year on May 1.

In the same area, there is the large lake lagunare di Nora, where not only can you admire a rich ecosystem (maybe even, with a bit of luck, you’ll get to see the sea turtles in the recovery centre for cetaceans and turtles!) but also enjoy it on board a canoe, a promise of fun for both adults and children.


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